Accident Claims

These are the important details  that  should you be taken in consideration for the cases  of  accidents ;

  • Notify self-driving Uganda within 3 hour of becoming aware of the occurrence.
  • All the incidents must be reported to the police within 24 hours of the occurrence. The windscreen and tires claim need not be reported to the police.
  • A claim form must be completed and submitted to self-driving Uganda within 24 hours of the occurrence. A copy of the driver’ ID and license must also be handed in together with the claim form.
  • Please also ensure that you furnish elf driving Uganda with the detail of the third party in the event that it’s involved in the incident. The ID number, address and the contact number of the third party are required.
  • The names and address of everyone involved and if possible witnesses must be provided to self-driving Uganda.
  • The renter must not admit any responsibility or liability in any incident.
  • The client must not abandon the vehicle.
  • Ensure that the key to the vehicle is always in your control.
  • Towing of the self-driving Uganda must be authorized by Hertz.
  • In the event of any queries regarding this procedure please 0772160564