Stretch up and go round the roads of Uganda on your own, hire a comfortable wheel to drive for the undiscovered destination in Africa. This involves thorough preparation before you jet in the country, if you are to drive in Africa and  you are a foreigner it will require you having processed your paper work or sum it up with an international drivers license that allows you drive in any foreign nation.

Self driving is not so common in most countries  but its so easy to drive in Uganda as long as you qualify for the road, the country is hospitable and citizens themselves are so friendly to the extend that even if you are not so sure of where to find your destination, the locals are not hostile they can help you direct you if you ask them.

Fuel type
Its always advisable to know which condition of the car you hired, and the kind of fuel  that is consumed by the vehicle engine at hand, depending on the order some cars take in petrol and others take in diesel gas so its is by caution to have this by mind, always ask the rental company before departure to save the engine .

Proper Vehicle inspection and survey.
Different fleets have different manufacturers, get to inspect the car with the company representative to have all car component at your tips, this involves mastering the nature of the car habits, how and when to re-fill coolant in to the radiator, and get to view the location of the the basic car components like the battery, alternatively the bonnet or hood for the entire engine.

Take note of the spare tire for safety in case of  any risks flat tire in transit, fill it with enough pressure just in case there is need of change, Mind not to forget the jerk and wheel spans for they are very essential when changing the tires.