Camping Equipments

The camping gears are also offered to travelers interested camping at discounted rates of only……….. Per day click to for the camping gear list. Self-driving Uganda also offers car rental deals at a pocket friendly price with camping gears and the rental fleet like the Nissan patrol, 4×4 Rav 4, land cruiser safari van, Mini bus family car hire. You will have to hit all the top pots in this self driving camping tour of Uganda ‘wildlife safaris, including the mountain gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris, tree climbing lions and many attractions in western Uganda! Hike mountain Rwenzori National Park and the visit source of the Nile in Jinja Town.

Self-driving in Uganda is not for everyone while the freedom of doing your own itinerary at your own pace is so exciting; however there is some amount of work in making camping itineraries, in case you would prefer to be guided or flown in, we can also arrange this well just contact self-driving Uganda. The camping gears with self-driving Uganda also uses this checklist as to help you pack for your camping trip; sleeping tent, ground sheet or trap, sleeping bag, matters camp kitchen, pillows, folding chairs, camp stove, stove fuel, water jug, fuel funnel, bio degradable dish, table cloth, garbage bags, the cooking gear, large bowl, cutting board, cooking pots and pans, spatula, spoons, grater, coffee press and many more.