Renting a vehicle is a common choice for business travellers and vacationing families. Many of the consumers enjoy saving money and also seeking out the best car rental rates is not so different. Some of these ideas will help you with your search.

You can start by comparing daily rates at every possible company in the location and this will help you find the best deal on different cars that you need. The rates can also differ by a small difference as much as $50 to $100 per day in many different agencies and also between branches of the same company.

It’s also good to rent a vehicle from the agency in a small town or along the outskirts of a metropolitan place. The agencies in busy areas and those at the airport charge twice as much as their counter parts in the small towns.

Also booking a car rental in advance can save lots of money since some agencies offer early bird discounts. More so, this type of discount may require you to pay in full amount when taking the vehicle.

The advertised discounts and coupons may also be found in the major newspapers and the travel magazines. Also the websites of the agencies themselves and those of the tourist destinations may offer the discount codes as well.

The membership groups, for example the warehouse and automobile clubs, usually come together with the car rental agencies to help offer discounts and the special coupons to their members. In case you plan to rent a vehicle most of the times, it may be beneficial to join one of the clubs to enjoy the rental discount.

Some of the rental agencies offer their members for frequent renters. Here the terms will vary between agencies and this might be free to join or may require a fee. Whatever, the case may be, these kind of programs are worth taking.

The small vehicles also rent less that the larger ones, and this is always cost saving to choose the smaller vehicle that will suit your needs. More so, if you reserve a small vehicle but only larger ones are available at the car lot, most of the car rental companies will offer you the larger vehicle at no additional charge.

In any case the car is to be driven by a person below 21 years, it’s important to ask the agency if there is an extra fee for the underage drivers.

There are also the weekly rentals that cost less than the weekend or the partial week rentals. The website of the company agency can explain any of the discounts or the free days that are given for the longer rentals.

Lastly, all the car rental agencies offer the insurance that is against the accidental damage to the vehicle, and you might not want to buy this coverage instead. In case you have your auto policy, it covers a rented vehicle. And in case you pay for the rental car using a credit card, the automatic damage coverage may also be given by the credit card company.