Caution! Prepare your Automobile for a safety road trip drive.

For a greater experience in a perfect automotive rental fleet there is always a need for a thorough check before you hit the road on a self drive navigation tour.

Car inspection before your road trip or self guided safari is a savior of the unnecessary common road barriers or accidents in transit; this also prevents mechanical faults that may result into emergency and costly attention for a repair.
Check for the alternative valuables tips below for a distinctive honey moon, family trip for a memorable adventure safari.

Always check the car tires.
Before you start off for the cruise endure to pay attention to the tires of your car, you are advised to check for the tire pressure to ensure for the recommended pressure gauge otherwise driving at under inflated tires is a big risk because the untrusted tires will cause un necessary friction resulting to unexpected blowouts or car break down.

Mind of making a replacement for new tires if the originals are worn-out or before you proceed for your trip.

Test for the Brakes.
When you rent a car for field work or a safari it’s advisable that you get notice of the brakes condition and stability before you shift your stick for a drive.
The chief mechanic should inspect the brake fluid and if it has leveled down, I urge that you refill it up to top otherwise check the brake pads and the brake discs if they can still withhold instant stoppage and if they are worn off please change them immediately for safety on the road.

Sample the lights.
This is a combination of the emergency head lights, the directory signal lights and the car brake lights take a clear visual look to all the bulbs, taste them if they all have clear filament to produce light. Make changes and replace for any bunt bulbs for flexible night drives.

Transmission fluid.
Here the car radiator should be taken as the first priority, check the levels coolant and if low its only one opportunity to level it up at full capacity, do the same thing to the wiper can or windshield water level if empty refill it to avoid risks on transit for unpredictable weather in case of rains or heavy dust.
Check the wiper arms if they are still in good shape suitable for cleaning the glass, more so pay attention to the wind shield and if there are cracks quickly fix a new one otherwise mind to change and replace new blades of the wind shield wipers if they have gone old.

Take a resourceful diagnosis to your battery.
I urge to test to taste the battery well, refill it with the oxide if used up, and make sure that the positive and negative terminals are clearly fixed for easy car ignition.

Emergency First Aid Medical Kit.
This involves ant malarial drugs, bandages, gloves, cotton and other required medical facilities in a row, once you this at least you are done to start your engine for a self-drive trip because you are equipped.

GPS (Global Position System)
At times google maps or the destination tour maps may not be enough for you on direction, when  rent a car for self-drive for the scenario of we rent out a GPS at a cheaper price of 5 USD per day and this is at a discounted cost.
This Global Positioning system will always be by your side in directing you from the original place showing you all the routes and destination that you are interested to visit.

NB check the engine oils for it’s the life of your entire car, always be cautious of your automobile service if you are planning for long safari drive.