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9  Points to consider Before Hiring Car in Uganda

9 Points to consider Before Hiring Car in Uganda

Many travel companies in Uganda offering car rental services are cropping because of the high demand for convenient and safe transport means. If you have not yet rented a car in Uganda, we advise following a few important tips. You are required to understand the driving rule and general policies about car rental in Uganda.

Read the tips below that you want to consider before hiring a car.

  1. Don’t take the car out of Uganda, unless you informed the operator

You cannot drive the rental car past the Uganda borders unless you have arranged with the company. The terms and conditions refrain you from taking the car outside the boundaries of Uganda.  However, if you request a car rental operator and follow the legal procedure of getting the vehicle cross-border permission document from the company and payment of COMESA fees at the border, you will then be allowed to take the car outside Uganda. Note that the countries where most companies permit cross-border car rental are Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

  1. Understand the insurance cover

Another crucial tip is that you must know the kind of insurance endorsed on the rental car. the insurance offered on the vehicle is comprehensive and covers theft, third-party, and collision damage. That’s the best you can find around Uganda. So ensure to ask the operator whether the rental car has at least some protection on your trip.

  1. You must have a driver’s License

This is unnegotiable; you must have a driver’s license to drive a car in Uganda. If caught without it, the chances are high that you will end up in jail. When you are a tourist in Uganda and you wish to drive, you must have a valid registered driver’s permit, the international most preferred. This must be presented to the rental operator for verification and you have to do the same when the traffic authorities request it.

  1. Security Deposits

Some rental agencies request a security deposit before starting your trip. These funds act as leverage for the damages that may occur on the car during the trip that are not covered in the insurance policy.

  1. Minimum Age Limit

The eligible age for driving in Uganda is 18 years but the minimum age for renting a car is 21 years. This is the age said to be that one is responsible enough to follow the terms and conditions stipulated by the rental companies in Uganda.

  1. Read the Accident Policies

When you get into an accident while driving a rental vehicle in Uganda, you must first inform the operator to advise you on the standard operating procedure. Normally your operator will advise you to inform the nearby police if the damage is colossal. If it is minor damage, the rental company will send a designated mechanic to come to your rescue.

If you happen to have an accident while driving a rented car in Dubai, you must inform the police right away, especially if the vehicle is damaged. You may also want to inform the company so that they could handle the matter or you will have to pay for the damages.

  1. Traffic Fine Rules

The traffic rules and regulations in Uganda are not different from most commonwealth countries. The authorities are very strict on these guidelines once you break them, you are penalized by either a fine or imprisonment. Therefore, adhere to them at all times even if the authorities are not present. They are for your own safety.

  1. Extra Facilities Charges

To enhance your travel experience in Uganda, you may want to have some other facilities such as camping tools, GPS, and extra baby seats. Be aware these come with an extra charge other than the rental car fees.

  1. Read about the Terms and Conditions of the Company

Before you commit to a certain rental company, you must read and understand the terms and conditions of renting a car. many underlook the black-and-white document but it can be your graveyard if you violate the clauses written in it. Read the dossier carefully if it does not favor your trip, then you will inform the operator to amend it to your own liking or even find another company

Before you rent a car in Uganda, make sure you have read the terms and conditions of the rental company. This can help you avoid common problems and enjoy a hassle-free right. Therefore, spending a few minutes reading policy papers is a great idea.

Long story short, if you follow the points mentioned in this article, you will be able to hire the right vehicle in Dubai and enjoy a great ride. Hope this will help you rent a car in Dubai without any problem.

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