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Landcruiser Prado TX/TZ

A Toyota Landcruiser Prado TX is available for hire in Uganda for either self drive or car rental with a driver. It is a 4×4 vehicle popular rare safari destinations.

Out of the 10 vehicles in the any given national park of Uganda, five are landcruiser Prado TXs. It is such an all round vehicle, great on both on and off road.

Our land cruisers are designed with a pop up roof for the ultimate game viewing experience. A landcruiser can be turned into a camper by lodging a rooftop tent on top.

Land cruiser Tx for Self Drive

Vehicle Description.

Size of the car:  The Toyota land cruiser Prado Tx is a wagon vehicle with Length 4675mm, Width 1820mm, Height 1880mm, Wheelbase 2790, Ground clearance 215mm and a gross weight of 1990 kilograms. All our land cruisers are five doors.

Colour: Since we mostly hire out land cruisers for safari tours, the colours are wildlife appealing.  We have land cruisers in colours of grey, white, dark green, black and navy and dark blue.

No guarantee of getting a landcruiser with a colour of your choice unless there is availability at the time of your reservation.

Seat capacity: The land cruiser Prado is customary a seven seat car with two at the front, three in the middle and two foldable seats at the rear part of the car. However, we advise our clients to have a maximum of five pax in the vehicle during the car rental experience.

With only five occupants, there is enough space at the trunk for heavy luggage to fit. More so, the two behind seats are short and thus proving to be uncomfortable for long distance travel.

Convenience and Comfort: With a ground clearance of 215mm, Toyota Landcruiser Prado Tx is one of the most comfortable car to travel with on a road trip in Uganda.

It has great wheel suspension and flexible and strong shock absorbers which withstand any bumpiness of the road. The seats are soft and well spaced, convenient for long haul travel. Both the front and rear seats are foldable to any sitting position that would seem comfortable.

Each seat also has a fastening belt. The airbags are available for the two front seats. An electrically wired Air conditioning system for all weather conditions is present. Its steering is smooth and swift, providing a great handling feel.

The FM radio and a USB port are available for music playing. Our rental landcruisers have pop up roofs for better wildlife viewing during a game drive in the national park.

Mechanics: Self driving in Uganda has landcruiser prados of automatic and manual transmission. The Automatic ones are of four shifts while the manuals have 5 gears, offering great speed and steady movement on highways.

The engines found in the Prados are 1KZ-TE model with a maximum power of 140ps(103kW)/3600rpm.  Land cruiser Prados are 4-wheel drive enabling them to travel on all terrains.

Fuel Consumption: The fuel tank capacity is 87 litres. Their engine fuel intake ranges from 2.8L-3.5L. they consume 1 litre of fuel per 7 kilometres on city roads and 1 litre per 5kms on highways.

Model: We have Landcruiser of year make 1995-2000.  The old models are vehicles that were mainly made for bad road conditions which travellers mostly experience while driving in Uganda.

Extra: Spare tyre at the back door and a tool kit and jack in the trunk.