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The Uganda undiscovered Northeastern circuit Road Trip

The Uganda undiscovered Northeastern circuit Road Trip

The Uganda undiscovered Northeastern circuit Road Trip

When some is traveling, they’re worth new discoveries and something special. As far as route trip in Uganda is concerned a lot has been discovered and exploited, but still great is uncovered and is ready for exploration.

Opting for a bit of special treatment in the Pearl of Africa? Then, the northeastern route road trip is here. The route summarizes greater offers of Uganda through the unexploited great natural pleasures. Either being a self-drive trip or a guided safari there are just great amusements offered on this road trip.

The route features activities along the source of the Nile River through Jinja city the adventure capital of East Africa, watching the magnificent Sipi waterfall and trekking the amazing lost world of Mt. Elgon National Park reaching Uganda’s 2nd highest peak.

Expect a drive through the real African wilderness of the Karamoja province/ Karamoja conservancy that ride larger areas of the region through the Pian Bokora – Matheniko Conservation areas. Reach the farther African remoteness of Kidepo National Park, face the unbeatable nature of the Murchison Falls National Park Uganda’s Larges protected.

It’s only the northeastern road trip in Uganda that offer opportunities to recall about the vintage wild hunters records of the big five. Watching pools of hippos, and undertaking major African safari considerations.

One of the East African authentic natural wonders and with unreformed cultures of Africa that rejected the trends of civilization.

Tourist Attractions along Northeastern Road Trip Route in Uganda

Source of the Nile

The springs through the lake which initiate the beginning of the world’s longest river. The stretching of the Nile River right from its source is dotted with a number of amazing features like cliffs and waterfalls which have attracted the development of various tourist activities.

In Jinja city also nicknamed the East African capital of adventures, it the hub for adrenaline adventure activities which are done along the Nile River. Crowds of tourists find their adventure lost pleasure stored just along the river.

Whitewater rafting is the major undertaking, this is the world class rafting centers where one can raft up to the roughest grade 4 and 5. However, for learner also it’s possible on lower rapids and learning classes are available for the first time rafters.

Supplement to rafting, is Kayaking and tubing, don’t miss to bungee jumping where on has to fly from the cliff of about 45m high and head kiss the waters. These are all amazing adventures undertaking along this wealthy northeastern route.

Other things to do in Jinja along the source of the Nile River include horse riding, sun setting boat rides/boat cruise, quad biking among other considerations.

Mount Elgon National Park

Uganda’s second highest mountain and Africa’s highest mountain also partake on the tourist destination to include on your northeastern route road trip. Mount Elgon is situated in Eastern region of Uganda, seated in the proudly Gisu land.

This mountain shares borders between Uganda and Kenya, it’s considered to have the largest dormant volcanic caldera in the world.

When opting for greater hiking options along your road trip, then taking on Mount Elgon hiking is a key point. The hiking trials have various hiking options that can range from one day to about 5 hiking days reaching to the Elgon summit of Wagagai peak.

Along the hiking trails are various considerations including traditional caves, waterfalls and wildlife watching options. After or before reaching the Rwenzori summit, it’s a great idea also to taste on the pleasure of hiking Mount Elgon.

Pian, Bokora – Matheniko Conservation Area

The uncovered, not exploited, and still authentic natural beauty. When opting for enchanting road trip safari which are not yet explored, then the real answer is the Pian, Bokora-Matheniko plain. These 3 neighboring reserves are positioned along the eastern unpaved route to northern reach.

The Pian Upe game reserve is the second largest protected area in Uganda after Murchison Falls National Park, then the Bokora game reserves and Matheniko game reserve all seat into the greater Karamoja conservation corridor that as well include the Kidepo valley National Park.

When opting for a road trip to any of these remote game reserves, then ensure you have a stronger 4x4wd vehicle to cruise through the off the beaten path.

The reserve are still under the management of Uganda Wildlife Authority, and they are perfect places to see animals scattered along the wider view of golden savannah openings dotted with spots of acacias.

These virgin adventure destinations are very perfect for travelers looking out for less crowded tourist destinations. When opting for a road trip adventure to one of the 3 game reserves, accommodation is uncertain, so driving along with your camping gears is ideal.

Kidepo National Park

CNN termed the park as the remotest park in Africa, what is your wish, to reach the Africa’s remotes or having a wider view of animals plenty and facing the real meaning of authenticity.

Kidepo Valley National Park is on the list of Uganda’s two tourist enchanting tourist destination and another one being the Murchison Falls National Park.

The feel of real Africa, then take a self-drive road trip to Kidepo Valley National Park. Watch the endless landscape featuring variety of wildlife among which are herds of elephants, buffalos, antelope rich, warthogs, giraffes, zebras, fox, prides of lions which can frequently be hard roaring at night.

The Narus and Kidepo valleys have proved great for any traveler visiting the place. The Kidepo valley National Park is a paradise of wildlife life including countless bird species like ostrich, secretary birds, and egret among many more.

Very amazing people display their great culture to the world and can take minutes to drive in one of the desirable communities.

There are communities around the park, as well the Kira Tunga organizes community tours in Moroto district. This tour include night camping in the communities (manyatta), tasting the local foods and beers, get entertained by the local through dances and songs and as well listen to their tales.

Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda’s most contagious tourist termini, the park is the assortment of abundant wildlife thought in a dual of flora and fauna. The major attention of the park remains the roaring might Murchison falls which most writers refer to being the world’s most powerful waterfalls.

Many routes of self-drives and guided road trips end here. The park receives the biggest number of tourist but it’s the second famous park just after Queen Elizabeth National Park.

As long as the northeastern route road trip is concerned, then Murchison falls boasts for being hub to watch all what was missed from other areas.

Reaching the park, you can undertake through the game drive for plenty of wildlife viewing, and this incredible boat cruising which leads to the bottom of the might Murchison falls themselves. As well, you have to take a drive to the top of the falls for a glace on how the rapids force into a narrow crack producing a great moist roar.

At Murchison falls national park expect to watch herds, schools, towers, prides, troops and many specifications of wildlife species. A safari to Murchison falls national park and Kidepo valley national park plus Ziwa rhino sanctuary is the only opportunity to watch the big five in Uganda.

How to Drive along the Northeastern Road Trip Route

The Northeast Uganda route is a round circuit route, and driving through the route there are two options of; either using the Northern Route that turns back to the eastern or using the Eastern route that comes back through the northern again.

The Northern Route

It’s so popular but rarely used especially by most adventurous travelers. The Northern Route circuit starts right from Kampala capital driving through Bombo road that joins Kampala – Gulu road with notable en-routes of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to trek the only rhinos in their natural ambiance.

En-routes along the Northeastern route

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

The only center in to watch rhinos in Uganda still in their natural ambiance. Along Kampala Gulu road in Nakasongola district is the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. The rhinos here are under natural monitoring and it’s acting as a rhino bleeding center with future plans to re-introduce rhinos to other parks.

So after about 3 to 4 hours of drive from Kampala on your northern route road trip, make an en-route to Ziwa rhino sanctuary and track these remaining rhinos in Uganda. Considering this stopover, makes a mileage score as far as spotting the big five is concerned.

Ziwa rhino sanctuary is well packed with adventures which can retain you for a full day along your road trip, besides rhino tracking can also take part in the bird watching, nature walks and shoebill stork tracking.

Mabira Forest

The largest natural forest in central Uganda, the forest has gone through series of threats of being cleared for other developmental matters, but it has persisted on.

Mabira is another breathtaking spot along the northeastern route road trip. In Mabira one can take a nature walk, mangebay tracking, bird watching and the most catching the amazing canopy zip lining.

The Mabira forest is great reward along Jinja-Kampala highway eastwards from Kampala.

Sipi Falls

The real meaning of nature dwells in the undertaking to trek through the 3 main phases of the falls. The falls are resides at the foothills of Mount Elgon and these falls have statured to be one of the tourist inspiration in Eastern Uganda, Kapichorwa district.

The hikes to reach all these amazing falls, expect to trek through banana plantations, coffee plantations. The Sipi waterfall hike is complete with the combination of three phases which are separated by steep hillsides.

The hike of the sipi waterfalls comes along with bird watching, cave exploration, abseiling and various photographic posture demonstration.

Aruu waterfalls

Encounter the unforgettable adventure of exploring of these amazing cascading roars of Aruu waterfalls. These amazing flashes of water dropping experiences are nowhere in the country that connect to a number of undertaking.

The waterfalls are located in Padar district northern Uganda along Gulu-Kitgum road. These are photographable and extremely beautiful view of waters flashing rapidly on rocks and can take a posture on rocks.

Nyero rock painting

There is something to trace here, listening about the Nyero rock painting then got to understand the real life of the smartest people that lived before the modern word.

The Nyero rock paintings are located in northern Uganda in Kumi district along Mbale-Soroti highway.


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