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Four Days Uganda Self Drive Wildlife and Gorilla Safari Tour

Four Days Uganda Self Drive Wildlife and Gorilla Safari Tour

 The four-day self drive trip consists of self driving to the western part of Uganda to visit the most two popular natural biodiversity areas of Queen Elizabeth National park and Bwindi Impenetrable national park. At Queen Elizabeth national park, you will engage in game viewing and boat ride at Kazinga. While at Bwindi impenetrable national park, you will go gorilla trekking in the dense forests.    

Activities to do;

  1. Kazinga channel Launch cruise
  2. Stopover at the equator monument
  3. Kasenyi plains game viewing excursion
  4. Bwinid Gorilla trekking experience

Travel programme:

Day1: Vehicle delivery & Travel to Queen Elizabeth national park, Kazinga Channel Launch Cruise Experience

The rental vehicle will be delivered in the morning at either the airport or your place of residence. You then will drive to Kasese, West of Uganda. You will use the Masaka-Mbarara-Kasese route. The ride to the park on this route is very smooth thanks to the well paved roads. Additionally, it is very scenic and scintillating.  As you escape from the urban areas, there is green cover on the roadsides which is food for the eyes and also settles down any restless mind.  You will have to ensure that you reach Queen Elizabeth National park by mid day, check in at your lodge,  have lunch and prepare for the launch cruise at Kazinga channel.

In the afternoon, you will drive to the Mweya dock to commence your boat ride experience. The boat ride starts off at 2:00pm. At the dock of the boat ride, you will be received by the park ranger who will brief you about the dos and don’ts of the boat ride and also give your instructions of the safety precautions to take up on the boat. The life jackets will be given to you and then embark on the motored boat to take a ride through the 32 kilometre stretch of Kazinga channel which starts from the Lake Edward part to Lake George and back. While sailing, you will meet different species of water animals such as crocodiles, a school of hippos, waterbuck, water bird species and elephants and other common mammals at the margins of the water stream bathing. 

You will have such a great time on the water, the boat ride at Kazinga channel is one of the most adventurous and exciting water experience you can ever partake. It is very soothing and also you encounter different wildlife species, you have never seen before.  The sailing on the waters of Kazinga Channel consumes about 3hours of your time. By the end of the boat ride, it will be evening.  You will go back to your lodge for the last meal of the day and retire to bed.

Travel distance: From Kampala to Queen Elizabeth national park is approximately 380km

Travel Time: About 6 hours and the half

Day2: Queen Elizabeth Game Viewing Excursion and Drive to Bwindi

After your breakfast, you will embark on a game viewing excursion around the savannah plains of the park within Kasenyi sector. Kasenyi sector is the most densely populated area of the park with wildlife species. This area is very rich with different types of animals and birds; it is an area where living organisms are seen right from the start to the end. The most likely animals to view within the Kasenyi plains are lions, elephants, buffaloes, elands, hyenas, oribis, reedbucks, topis, the list is endless. Your game viewing session will end at midday. You will get back to your lodge for lunch, check out and drive to Bwindi impenetrable national park. 

Travel distance: From Queen Elizabeth national park to Bwindi is about 180km

Travel Time: about 3hours

Day3: Gorilla Trekking Bwindi Uganda

On this day, you will rise up before dawn and drive to the Bwindi sector headquarters to engage in the gorilla trekking experience. You will have a tutorial about the gorilla tracking experience and then trek to the forest with other fellow trackers under the guidance of the park patron.

You will trek through the dense forests and cross valleys and streams looking for the gorillas. Once you find the gorillas, you will hang out with them for one hour where you will observe them; feed, play around and communicate among themselves. You will also capture pictures and videos of the gigantic apes. Then lead out of the forest. Gorilla trekking experience being such a daunting activity, you will get back to your lodge for lunch and rest.

 If you have some energy left in the tank, in the evening, you will go for a walk around the local villages.

Day4: Drive back to Entebbe and Vehicle drop off

You will start your journey from Bwindi to Entebbe in the morning because of the long distance involved (over 400kilometres). You will reach Entebbe in the evening and handover the car to our company staff.