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4x4 Self-Driving & Car Hire in Uganda

It is your own adventure, it is your own customised itinerary,  you drive your own destination, choose when and where to make a break, you decide where to sleep, you ramble your own route, Reserve a car and self drive Uganda.
This is your dream; it’s your passion with a free role. Imagine traveling with either your partner or you family for an independent road trip.

Indeed it is fun and joy  seating behind the wheels in the county full of adventurous sites.

In other wards; Our fleet has several cars from Toyota Rav4 both short and long, 4×4 safari Land cruiser,  customised min vans, 4WD luxury SUvs like Toyota V8, VX and TX .
Travel now for true sounds of nature with roars in the sunset, just memories upcountry.
Our range of self drive safari packages  are ideally doable most especially if you choose to book for our 4 wheel drive cars.

Without a doubt,  highways leading to major towns and districts of Uganda are asphalts while those off the main routes connecting to the different national parks in Uganda are gravel and some times impassable .
Roads have sign posts and radars which makes road tips in Uganda easy even for the first timers .
They are also direction sign posts relocating most of the major districts and tourist sites in the country. The most fascinating of all is how scenic and breath taking the road side surrounding turns out to be.

The natural beauty it portrays especially in the countryside makes your journey even look shorter than in reality.
Hiring a car for a self driving tour is fast and convenient and so fast.
Make a reservation, touch down in Uganda, collect your reserved rental, prepare and set off to the wilderness.

Uganda is such a simple and practical country to travel. It has so much to offer on a road trip. With a well drafted itinerary, you can not miss out on most of the major tourist attractions even on limited time of less than a week.

What could have been a hurdle on your self drive expedition are the gravel roads that lead to the national parks and the safari lodges around but this turns into an adventure with the use of a 4WD rental vehicle.
A 4×4 vehicle withstands all sorts of road conditions be it sloppy, muddy or bumpy. Furthermore, its fun time with lots experience discovering the wilderness of Uganda on your own.
A Guide is only called for in times of game viewing experience to lead you to the main breeding areas of the wildlife species you ought to seek on your safari. The guides are available for hire at any game park in Uganda because of their first hand information despite the fact that they visit these places regularly .

What we’re offering

Car Hire For Self Drive

Toyota Rav4

Toyota Rav4
A Toyota rav4 is an excellent vehicle to hire for self drive to the various

Landcruiser VX/V8

Landcruiser VX/V8
Interested in a luxury travel experience, a Toyota landcruiser Vx/V8 is...

Landcruiser TX/ TZ

 Landcruiser TX/ TZ
Land cruiser Prado TX is available for hire in Uganda for either self drive or...

Roof Tented Cars

Roof Tented Cars
Wishing to explore Uganda with no worry about accommodations?

Landcruiser 6 Seater

Landcruiser 6 Seater
This is the premium vehicle for safari tours in Africa.

Tourist Van 9 Seater

Tourist Van 9 Seater
It is either hired for self drive or car hire with a driver. It is such a resilient car even in the toughest of road conditions.

Landcruiser 8 Seater

Landcruiser 8 Seater
4×4 safari Land cruiser in Uganda and legendary around the world.

4×4 Safari Van

4×4 Safari Van
Wishing to explore Uganda in a group of 6-9 people, 4×4 Safari van is the

Other Services We offer

Major Self driving Info


The principal requirements of hiring a car for self drive are the driver’s license, identification card and passport and payment of the cash.

What are the requirements of renting a car and self drive in Uganda?

The principal requirements of hiring a car for self drive are the driver’s license, identification card and passport and payment of the cash.

As Self Driving Uganda, the minimum age of hiring a car with us is 21 years. Though, the age of driving a car in Uganda is 18 years.

All our cars have comprehensive insurance covering third party and collision damage waiver hence protecting the client from the possible liabilities in case of any damages caused during the self-drive travel experience.

Electronic payment for self drive car hire is allowed but not less than 14 days before the time of starting the trip. Cash payment is the most preferred mode of payment. The currencies accepted by Self driving Uganda are Uganda Shilling, US dollars, Euros and Pound sterling.

The car rental quotation excludes the fuel expenses. We let the client fuel expenses on his/her own as it is very difficult to estimate the distance to be covered by the client and how much fuel is to use.

Pick up and drop off of the vehicle is done at any point of our jurisdiction (Entebbe Airport, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania). Note that pick up and drop off away from Entebbe Airport and Kampala come with a fee depending on the travel expenses accrued to reach the pickup or drop off point.

With the East African community memorandum of understanding, Cross border travel is possible especially in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo and Burundi. However, the client must inform us beforehand on which countries to travel to so that we are able to prepare the vehicle cross border paperwork.

The requirements do not stop at the process of hiring a car, it goes beyond, during the self-drive experience and when due to drop off the car keys after the trip.

The first thing to do at the end of the self-drive car hire experience is to call us and let us know the time and the place of dropping off the vehicle.

Endeavor to make a stopover at the washing bay to clean off the dust and remove all the rubbish in the vehicle. Our vehicles are always hired and handled over to clients clean at the start of the trip henceforth we expect the client to return it clean. This is not mandatory but courteous.

A quarter a tank of fuel should be left in the vehicle during the key drop off at Entebbe Airport and areas around Kampala. For areas far away from our offices, ensure to pay or refill the agreed fuel capacity to enable our staff to deliver the car to the office or garage.

Upon meeting our staff at the drop off point of the vehicle, inspection of the car is carried out to cross-check the dents and damages which could have happened. We expect our client to be honest and report in case of any fault that could have occurred on the vehicle.


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