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4×4 Safari Van

Wishing to explore Uganda in a group of 6-9 people, 4×4 Safari van is the vehicle to hire. This is a 4-wheel drive van specifically made for passenger commuting services. It is either hired for self drive or car hire with a driver.  It is such a resilient car even in the toughest of road conditions. Most of the safari vans in our cabin have pop up roofs enabling travellers have an epic wildlife viewing experience in the savannah parks of Uganda in most cases.  The car rental price is too good to be true for a vehicle that carries a great number of people. This  Safari van costs 80$ per day for short term van rental for more than a week, it is given out at a discounted rate of 70$ per day.

Safari Van for hire

Vehicle Description

Size of the car: The safari van is a full time 4 wheel drive is in a rectangular dimension with the length of 4.5 m, Width of 1.6m and height of 1.9m.  it has a gross weight of 1,610kgs. They are four exits, two up front, one sided wide door and the rear emergency exit door.

Colour:  The popular colour for our vans is dark and lime green. These are the famous wildlife colours. The safari van can also be rarely found in grey and white colour. The colour is weather guard, never gets pale no matter the climatic conditions.

Seat capacity: The safari van has 10 seats. Though most of the times, it is regarded as a 9 seat vehicle, the driver seat is excluded. There are two front seats and seven in the passenger section (two seat at the front, three in the middle and three at the rear part).
The safari van has a very small boot space and normally the luggage of the travelers is tied at the rooftop decker.

Convenience and comfort: The seats are well spaced with room to stretch your legs and head. Some of the vans have fitted fridges to store refreshments and fruits. Generally, the 4×4 van has a FM radio, MP3 USB port player and a charging port.

It has an all weather air conditioning system.  It has a power steering which needs less effort to navigate around. Air bags to protect the two front occupants are present.

Seat belts are also well fixed on each and every seat. The safari van has a pop up roof for a better game viewing experience during your safari tour.

Mechanics: This commuter van is a 4×4 drivetrain (full time 4-wheel drive). Most of the vans in our fleet are manual transmission, a few are automatic. If you wish to hire an automatic, book with us a month or more earlier than your travel date.
It has an engine size of 2,770 cc. it comes with a jack and tool kit and a spare tyre hidden underneath the wheel base at the rear side of the car.

Fuel capacity: Most of the Toyota Hiace vans consume diesel gas. With an engine size of 2,770cc, safari van has a low fuel consumption in relation to its body size. It uses one litre per 7 kilometres on urban roads and one litre per 6 kilometres on highways.

Model: We have 1998-2000 models in our fleets due to their hard bodies and resilience, enabling them to travel on African standard roads. The 2007-2009 Toyota Hiace vans have been introduced in the car hire sectors but still few.