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Toyota Landcruiser VX/V8

Interested in a luxury travel experience, a Toyota landcruiser Vx/V8 is the rental vehicle to hire. Landcruiser V8 is such a huge monster great looking car. Most of our clients hire it for executive engagements like business and political conferences. Additionally, self drive travelers who need great comfort on their trips book it. A Toyota landcruiser V8 can be rented with a rooftop tent to make a Uganda self drive tour more adventurous and exploratory. Being such a huge car double rooftop tents can be fitted at its loft. 

Land cruiser V8

Vehicle description

Size of the car: The Toyota landcruiser VX/V8 is a huge sport utility vehicle with measurements of cubic metre 18.9m3 (length 5.12m, width 1.94m and height 1.9m).  It has five doors, two at the front, two in the middle and one grand exit at the back.

Seat capacity: It has 8 seats, two at the front, six in the passenger section with three at the front and three at the rear.  However, at Self driving in Uganda, we advise five occupants especially for safari tours so that you can have enough space at the trunk for your luggage.

Colour: We have Land cruiser V8 in colours of white, green, grey, cream and black. No guarantee of hiring a colour of the client’s choice unless available at the time of reservation.

Comfort and Convinience: The landcruiser V8 is such a roomy vehicle with very large and soft fabric seats.  It has an airbag system for the two front seats. There is a music system compatible to FM radio, Mp3 and CD. There is also a phone charging port and an ashtray. This 4x4SUV has a central control lock for both the doors and the windows. Child rear lock is too available. An electric air conditioning system is built in the vehicle. Metallic guards are fixed at the front and back to avoid knocks of the car lights. Most of our landcruiser V8s have a pop up roof for wildlife viewing on a safari trip.

Fuel consumption: it has a 4,660cc engine size and this takes in astronomical quantities of gasoline. It is assumed that the landcruiser V8 consumes 13.5 to 16.6 litres per 100km for petrol engine, whereas for diesel engine – from 9.5 to 12.6 litres per 100km.

Mechanics: Its Drivetrains is 4WD with either an automatic or manual transmission. The engine type is 2UZ with horsepower ranging from 125-235. It has a power steering, ABS and disc brakes. It comes with a spare tyre, jack and Tool kit.

Model: The year make of our landcruiser is between 1998-2005.