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Toyota Super Custom

Courtesy of self driving Uganda Limited

A Toyota super custom is another rental option for group travelers willing to take a Self Driving option in Uganda.  The super custom is a perfect rental vehicle for people traveling in a group of 5-6. It is a substitute of a 4×4 Toyota Hiace as it can also be used as a safari van but it only caries a few people and not so robust. A Toyota Super custom is ideal for upcountry road trips and  group city tours or intercity travel expeditions because it is such a comfortable car

Vehicle description.

Size of the car: A super custom is a mini van vehicle with dimensions of 4640mm length, 1690mm width and 2025mm weight. It grossly weighs 2100kgs. It has two front doors, one sided large door and the rear emergency exit (4 doors in total).

Colour: The super custom normally hired out come in grey/silver colour. There are also those in white and green though rare in our car garage.

Seat capacity: The mini van has an occupancy of 7 traveling people maximum. It has two front seats, and two non partitioned seats in the passenger section that can be occupied by three people on each. The two large seats are adjustable and can be positioned in any way for instance they can face the front or face each other.

Comfort and convenience: The super custom is dubbed as a living saloon. Its interior is like a lounge; so classy and good looking. The seats are spacious and so soft for people to travel restfully. All the seats have fastening belts.  It has a great audio player system with a FM Tuner and MP3 and CD player. Some of the super customs have fitted fridges to store drinks and fruits. It has a great aeration and also supplemented by an air conditioning system. The mini van has either a sky roof or a popup roof for a better sight of the wilderness in the park. There are also drink handlers in the super custom.  

Mechanics: it’s drivetrain can either be 2WD or 4WD. The 4WD are the popular ones. The manual transmission van has five gear shifts and automatic has four. Its engine model is 1KZ-TE with maximum power of 3600rpm.

Fuel consumption: It has an engine size of 2982cc. Some consume diesel while other petrol.  Averagely the super custom takes in one litre of fuel per 6 kilometres on a drive.

Model: The manufacture year of our super customs range from 1998-2004.