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Self Driving Destinations in Uganda.

Self Driving Destinations in Uganda.

Following your long plans for self-drive to the Pearl of Africa. The chance to take a self-drive to Uganda is widely open with a wider range of tourist destinations that are greatly perfect for your self-drive trip.

Reflecting on the wonderful weather, intact loamy roads, relatively sloping landscape, and several paved roads across the country have turned a self-drive trip much more considerate.

After securing your car rental with all other requirements, lets’ say camping gear (rooftop tent or ground tent with camping gears), then you might be looking for such destinations which can favorably enhance your self-drive trip.

First and foremost, I can advise for 4WD safari customized vehicles, these are always made ready to encounter any nature of roads and terrain for any availing weather.

Below, we are going to discuss Uganda’s special self driving destinations which you can reflect on whenever you’re opting to take a self-drive in the country.

Kalangala Island

The honeymooner hideout spot, it’s a relaxing paradise to refresh your toned mind. The Island has proved to offer such a psychotherapy special treatment after that long year of loads. Kalangala is the largest among the 84 islands on the Ssese archipelago.

Kalangala Island is strategically located on Lake Victoria and it’s accessed with either a ferry or an engine boat. And has two access points one being the Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe and the other site being the Bukakata landing site in Masaka.

When seeking out places to chili off on your self-drive trip when in Uganda, then meditate approximately to reconnoiter this veiled gem. This island closet is silvered and wrapped with stimulating jewels that feel like you’re set in the Eden of creation.

Seated behind the wheels of your self-drive car rental, cruise on water with MV Kalangala, and enjoy the land cruise with your 4×4 cruiser through all the fantasies of the island.

Enjoy the sunset arrays heating on waters, and sand beaches, engage in water sports of fishing and boat rides on the waters of Lake Victoria, relish the picnic breakfast, can take guided nature walks, mountain biking, and quad biking.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Drive through the flush sets to the advanced altitudes of the Elgon slopes, reels of Manyatta community housing customized for Karamoja culture. Taking a drive to Karamoja land appeals for superfluous free-for-alls, but every distance concealed witness exactly how worth is it. As well a drive here demands some more time than any other tourist destination or park in Uganda.

Kidepo Valley National Park is termed to be the remotest African park, a true African wilderness with a wider place of consideration. The authenticity and none civilized lifestyle of the local people from the region makes a wider opening to study the real African dusky side of life.

When accessing the park, there are dualistic opulent and recompensing routes to reflect on. The northeastern route that assembles straightly from Kampala to Jinja capital of Adventures, can spend a moment through the magnificent roars of the Sipi falls, and wider view of unoccupied landscapes and more are the expectations on along the eastern route when accessing Kidepo Valley National Park.

The Kampala Gulu highway route leads through the most rewarding part of adventures in Uganda with an en route to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which assembles the Big Five rewards.

Kidepo Valley is one of the perfect places to station when seeking greater adventure rewards. The park accommodates many special wildlife species with amazing adventures which are relatively okay for all travelers.

When Kidepo can do one of Uganda’s most wildlife rewarding game drives taking you closer to the higher concentration of wildlife. Take a visit to various communities of different Karamajong clans that tend to have varying cultures and the Ik people. Can also take mountain climbing adventures, and birding activities among others.

Jinja (Source of the Nile)


A thrilling adventure hub city, Jinja with the source of the world’s longest River has posted a great number of adventure activities to undertake when on a self-drive. About 78km East of Kampala, Jinja city is baptized the adventure capital of adventures.

With any kind of vehicle, Jinja city can be accessed. The city has become a weekend center for natives and a refreshing center for some tourists visiting the Pearl of Africa on a safari.

Jinja city is called the adrenaline capital of adventures which features along the source of the Nile stretch. When in Jinja can take activities including the world-class white water rafting, it’s only here where you can raft to the advanced grades IV &V. Kayaking, tubing, and bungee jumping is greater accompaniments on the self-drive adventure when in Uganda.

Jinja is among the 10 cities in the country and is a famous industrial town dating back to colonial times. The city is the capital of the eastern region of the Basoga ethnic kingdom, this brands the city worthy of cultural explorations with the most thrilling cultural centers being Bujjagali falls, and Intanda falls, hiking the Kagulu falls, and visiting the Kyabazinga palace.

Murchison Falls National Park

The most adventure-rewarding destination in Uganda, after securing your 4WD drive, then you’re set to count what the park assembles. Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s most visited tourist destination. The park is located in Northern Uganda and remains the largest protected area in the country.

The impression to ruminate about Murchison Falls National Park on your self-driving places to visit is perkier. The park. With the rush of golden savannahs woods, the elegant Victoria Nile continues from the scenic moist Murchison Falls to the Albert forming the Delta which is a spot for the highest concentration of wildlife. All makes Murchison an adorable tourist destination never to miss on the itinerary.

Among the expectations include some of the Big Five (lions, elephants, leopards, and buffalos), zebras, giraffes, several antelope species, warthogs, wild dogs, baboons, and several bird species. Among the activities to undertake at Murchison Falls National Park include game drives, boat cruises, visiting the top of the falls, chimpanzee tracking at Budongo forest, sports fishing, and community visits among others.

A self-drive to Murchison Falls National Park exposes you to the most visited tourist destination in Uganda. It’s the adventure thrill, most famous for its endless roars of the Murchison falls which are also known to be the world’s most powerful falls.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

One special destination that crowns with the twilight of all adventures on the African continent. Driving to the hills of Bwindi Impenetrable mimics the Swizz Alps ranges this region is named the Switzerland of Uganda.

Bwindi Impenetrable is located in the southwestern region of Uganda bordering the Virunga forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This thick volcanic rain tropical forest is rested in the Great Western Rift Valley within the well-famed Kigezi region which is famous for its rolling landscape nature.

Delighting for a self-drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park means getting closer to the aged lifestyle of man. Tracing the real origin of man, trekking the mountain gorillas. Bwindi Impenetrable is only famous for housing the largest world population of Mountain gorillas.

Gorilla trekking is the talk whenever you think of a drive to the park, the park displays the widest suggestions of trekking the mountain gorillas. With about 17 habituated gorilla families, more than 150 trekkers can roll into the forest and search for the primates at ago.

The forest is a habitat for the largest primate species the mountain gorillas, due to its ancient flora (plants) the volcanic forest was named a UNESCO world heritage site. Over 400 birds call the forest their nesting home, mammals like baboons and blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus, jackals, duikers, bush babies, forest elephants, and buffalos are rarely seen.

Fort Portal city

Looking out for that distant city to drive to and explain what nature means, then consider taking a drive to Fort Portal city.

Fort Portal is arguably the tourism capital of Uganda, with great tourism destinations that ring the city.

For hideouts, honeymoon, and special nature treatment, just take a drive to this city for psychotherapy. The place to relax from your exhausting life and enjoy your happy life.

Fort Portal city is located in western Uganda, in the shadows of the great rift valley, it’s surrounded by major tourism destinations in the country among which include Kibale National Park (famous East African best Chimpanzee tracking destination), Mt. Rwenzori (Africa’s 3rd highest mountain), Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda’s most famous national park) and Semuliki National Park (birders haven).

Besides Fort Portal being the cleanest city in Uganda, the landscape of the city makes it a great place to spend your holiday. The landscape has favored the formation of beautiful and scenic crater lakes and falls like the most famous Amabere Caves.

The city is the capital of one of the still-standing Toro Kingdom which is among the most influential traditional leadership in the country under their king titled “Mukama.”

Taking a self-drive to Fort Portal city exposes you to various activities including wildlife safaris to the nearest parks, culture exposure, recreation activities like the Akira Alira adventures, hiking challenges through the craters, and tea leaves among others.


Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, indeed there is a great number of adventures that one can concentrate on and undertake when on a self-drive in the country. The list can’t be drawn to the end, but with the special tourist destinations we have mentioned, they can be of help when planning to take your self-drive safari to Uganda.




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