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Toyota Rav4

Toyota Rav 4X4
A Toyota rav4 is an excellent vehicle self drive in Uganda or for casual travel with your partner. Book a Toyota Rav4 with us for either short term or long term rental. It is the most compact and cheapest rental in our fleet.

Mechanics: Its a full time  four wheel drive min SUv.  Most of the rav4 in our fleet are automatic transmission and a few manual ones.

The engines are of 2.0L L4 DOHC 16 valves with horsepower of 120. Noteworthy: all our rav4 are 4-wheel drive, making them ideal locomotives for both on road and off road travel experiences.

Fuel Consumption: With an engine of 2.0 litre and Horsepower-120, the Rav4 consumes 1 litre of fuel per 9 kilometres on city roads and a litre per 7 kilometres on highways. A large number of our rav4s consume petroleum.

Model: The Rav4 normally hired are of 1995-2000 Year Make.  In low developed countries like Uganda with roads mostly gravel, vehicles of old year make are ideal and proven to drive.

These vehicles are strong and robust and have hard bodies to withstand the bad road conditions and hot climate of Uganda.

Extra: Spare tyre at the back door and a tool kit and jack in the trunk.

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Toyota 4X4 Rav4

Vehicle Description.

Size of the car:  a Toyota Rav4 is a mini sport utility vehicle (SUV) with a length of 4160mm, width of 1695mm and height of 1650mm. Its gross weight is 1775kg and cargo capacity of 983L. There are rav4s with five doors or two doors and we mostly have five door ones.

Colour: Most of our Toyota rav4s are white, grey, blue, green and maroon. There is no guarantee of choosing a colour of your own unless it is available at the time of your reservation.

For those going to the national parks, never mind about the colour, all the colours of our rav4s are approved for jungle experience.

Seat capacity: The Toyota rav4 only carries 4 adults consisting of a driver seat, co driver seat and two passenger seats. The trunk can carry about six large travel bags.

Convenience and Comfort: Our rav4s are relatively spacious to carry four adults. They are right hand drive vehicles with moderate smooth steering systems, easy to operate as most of them are of automatic transmission. The manual transmission is hired on special request.

They have airbags on both the driver and co-driver side. The brake types are of front disc/rear drum and the anti-lock brakes are 4-wheel ABS.

The front seats are adjustable.  The protective belts are available at each and every seat. The drink handlers are around the area between the driver and co driver seat.