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A family Road Trip Experience in Uganda

A family Road Trip Experience in Uganda


Planning for your family a road trip through the land of wonders is an amazing study, greatly rewards as always have to expected exclusive encounters. A family road trip is one challenging adventures to organize as one must always look through the all-inclusive activity fitting for all the family members.

There will never great joy than one enjoying that greater moment with their loved ones. Traveling around with your family and you seating behind the wheel seat controlling the rest of the decision is an ample great moment of joy.

A family road trip to Uganda is accompanied with numerous encounters with are fitting for both children of all ages with a moment with their parents. The family road trip is the one arranged where no one has to miss on any of the experiences.

In Uganda there are many wondrous destination and activities but their exclusion especially concerning the age makes them not fitting for family road trips, especially with family that contains children below 12 years. One must be cautious when choosing the mean of transportation to be used, as well destinations to drive to.

Best vehicle fitting for family road trip in Uganda

There are quite a number of fleets that are availed to cater for the family trips, there should not be worry for which vehicle can be fit your family.

For either options, renting a car with a driver or renting a car and bump on the road for the self-drive road trip to Uganda.  There are a number of fleets considering the number of family members, and the class of travel.

For the family of 4 and less there a number of fleets to consider, the land cruiser 4×4 TX and TZ, GX and VX and V8. These fleets sometimes can accommodate up to five travelers and below, when looking out for the basic car rental fleets, the Land cruiser TX and TZ model 1998 to 2000 are very ideal; these two models have comfort seats that are adjusted and enough cargo space for the family case.

The VX, GX and VX are used for exclusive travelers who are looking out for something stronger and comfortable. These fleets are luxurious fleets customized to ensure a great adventure encounter.

They are well fitting still for families with a limited of 5 and below, wider space and can accommodate even two rooftop tents of double occupancy.

The land cruiser 70 series is the master of African safari and a very perfect conclusion for road trips in Uganda. These sometimes are stretched (extended) customized to enable African adventure cruising particular for game purposes into the wild of national parks and game reserves.

The 4WD extended land cruisers best for family and groups of less than 8 people. This is the best cruiser for adventures as it gives the best game viewing opportunities through the pop-up.

The land cruiser extended are mainly out with manual transmission, however there are chances of getting an automatic transmission.

Vans have always given the best recommendation for the family road trips, Toyota Haice (super customs, and drones) are tremendous options for family road trips especially in Uganda.

They sometimes referred to as mini bus or van, and they can be accessed for both economy class and exclusive luxurious are also available with large seating and cargo space. They can be hired out for self-drive or with a driver and they come both in manual and automatic transmission.

Best tourist destination for family road trip in Uganda

A road trip in Uganda can lead you to countless tourist destinations, but with consideration of the family road trip in Uganda, we get you the best family friendly destinations that consider all ages.

Remember the best moment of a family road trip is sharing different perceptions of the same experience. Below is the list of some of the tourist destination which best fits a family road trips in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park        

Currently the most visited Park in Uganda, in the recent years Murchison Falls National Park has become a darling to the largest number of travelers to the country.

Well the park has scooped the top rank for the best tourist destinations to consider taking a family road trip in Uganda. Most almost all adventures that are done at the park are none exclusive.

The park is located in the northern direction of Uganda initiating the west Nile region that follows the Albert Nile flow until the Nile River crosses to South Sudan.

Murchison Falls National Park is significantly branded by a solo mighty Murchison Falls that form a dramatic roars as waters force through contracted gap forming a steamy view.

When on a road trip to this gorgeous game park, there are various activities that can be engage by all travelers minus age prohibition. Among the activities include game drive which rewards with a dramatic watching of countless number of wildlife species among which include some of the big five mammals

The game drive is done through several tracks to the Nile Delta which is a hub to wildlife in the park. Also boat cruise is another exciting activity, a cruise of about 2 hours leading to the bottom of the dramatic roaring falls.

The boat activity is encompassed with a number of sightings including cliffs, larger mammal and many aquatic lives to the foggy sight of waterfalls.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda’s most known protected area, due to its brand of possessing the UK Queen’s label which was named to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth who visited the country in 1950s.

Queen Elizabeth is another adventure packed park with great number of activities to consider even as far as family road trips are concerned.

The park is located in the western Uganda sharing borders with DR Congo and connects seated at the backdrop of the Rwenzori ranges.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is decorated with varying landscapes and vegetation that decorates it a special park among other savannah parks in Uganda. As well its’ a chain of crater lakes which have render a tremendous road trip drive through the park.

Among the famous activities to do on a family road trip at Queen Elizabeth National Park include game drives at Kasenyi section, boat cruise along the Kazinga channel, crater drive, community visits, lake Katwe salt mining visit, tree climbing lion tracking at Ishasha sector, bird watching the park being the home of highest bird concentration the country.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC)

Before was known as Entebbe Zoo, the most famous citizen here Zakayo died and his graves made clear for viewing. UWEC is located in Entebbe, and has been position to either be the alpha or the omega of your road trip adventure in Uganda.

This is more of an artificial wildlife sanctuary, but a learning center and very interesting for family trips especially for children.  When driving across Uganda with a family never hesitates creating that moment for your family at UWEC. The sanctuary almost accommodates every wild animal that is found in wild of parks and reserves.

Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary

This chimpanzee sanctuary was set for chimpanzees that are abandoned, injured and orphaned ones. Though it was made for such hopeless apes, but a number of visitors have made it possible to find the apes at this sanctuary. Visiting the sanctuary is beyond the expectation but having a real moment with the apes at your sight throwing to them whatever you got for them.

Source of the Nile    

One of the oldest discoveries in Uganda is the source of the world’s longest river, the source of the Nile River and its stretching is great features that have facilitated a number of activities. Though mainly known for adrenaline adventures which exclude the family activities, but there a number of activities to undertake. Among the activities including, tubing, water sliding, boat rides to the source of the Nile.

Kidepo Valley National Park   

When speaking of a road trip in Uganda, then mentioning of Kidepo National Park is a real experience that describes form of travel. This destination only awaits for the 4WD safari customized vehicles that can maneuver all kinds of road challenges on the road. En-route to the park is encompassed with great number of considerations especially when used the Eastern route through Jinja – Mbare – Kapichorwa – Moroto and then finally drive to the par. Most interesting activities here are game drives and cultural community visits.

Conclusion; A road trip family safari in Uganda pertain great kind of adventure rewards that makes it a special tourist destination. With varying terrain to drive through, just have to scoop out that best 4WD safari vehicle to enables you take your family to the paradise of your selection.


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