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Current Covid-19 update

Current Covid-19 update

Current Covid-19 update and Info vs Uganda Travel

One of the many industries that were affected by the outbreak of covid-19 in Uganda was the tours and travel industry. The tours and travel industry largely revolves around international travellers and touring the national parks and other eco and monumental places in the remote parts of the country and these were all halted and crippled during the global pandemic.

Nonetheless, while covid-19 still lingers around the world, the tours and tour sector is getting back to its feet. The technocrats have tried to find a way for tourists to travel and tour around Uganda in the global pandemic. Guidelines and information have been set out to enable the tours and travel in Uganda to thrive and below are some of them;

Travellers coming to Uganda must present at the airport or any border point a negative PCR Covid-19 test valid for 72hours. More to that, they are subjected to another PCR covid-19 test at the Airport at their own cost.

All travellers entering Uganda for self-drive safaris are advised to get a Covid-19 vaccine Jab. This is the best way to protect themselves from getting being affected by the virus.

Wearing a mask at all public places like the airport, shopping malls, park information centres is a must. Travellers are also advised to carry enough disposable masks for the entire trip in Uganda.

Social distance must be exercised in crowded. Covid-19 rapidly spreads when people are in contact and this is more likely to happen in crowded places.

Carry a hand sanitizer to regularly cleanse your hands whenever you get into contact with a person or touch any people reachable surface.

There should be a space of a seat between the occupants while travelling a car as a way to exercise social distancing.

All self driving travellers are advised to make cashless payments for the different tourism amenities during their stay in Uganda. They should adopt the use of visa or debit cards and also mobile money transactions. Money is one of the main carriers of the virus since it goes through and is touched by various hands.

How to go about Covid-19 Suspect

Once a traveller tests positive of covid-19 or is diagnosed with covid-19 symptoms, notably, Flu cold, sore throat, fever, difficulty to breathe, loss of taste and smell, he/she goes through the following process;

The traveller is requested to remain calm and wait for the authorities to advise. Covid-19 is not lethal as perceived by many, there is no need to panic.

One is advised to self-isolate or quarantine at the hotel or any place of residence for 7 days.

If the symptoms are severe or persistent, the tourists are advised to visit the hospital for medical treatment of covid-19.
After 7 days of self-isolation, a visitor must retake a test to ascertain whether he/she has recovered from Covid-19. If the results come back negative, he/she is allowed to continue with his/her trip around Uganda.