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Why do you want to rent a land cruiser in Uganda? Do you wish to go for a self drive in Uganda or want to go for a business trip? Whatever your needs may be, hiring a good land cruiser is an affordable and convenient idea.

Below are some of the trips that may help you hire a land cruiser in Uganda

Make a projection

Prior to finding a car rental operator, ensure to know your needs. For example, if you are in need of a spacious car for a two to three people, you may want to know which kind of land cruiser to hire since they are different types. There is a land cruiser prado Tx, land cruiser V8, land cruiser hardtop Lx and land cruiser GX. Make research about these kinds of vehicle and know which one best suites to your needs.

  1. Choose the Best rental company

It is significant that you find a reputable and well-established car rental operator when looking for a land cruiser to hire in Uganda.  For instance, if you wish to hire a land cruiser for a road trip, we advise you consider a rental company that provides tested and proven land cruiser because of the high risks involved in the expedition to partake. The best way to know a reputable company is reading their reviews on Trip advisor.

  1. Request for a rough quote

This is may not necessarily be the exact cost of hiring a land cruiser in Uganda but what you need to know the price estimates. Ideally, you wish to know all what id included in the car rental package.  Get to know the kind of insurance cover that is included in the rental.

Understand whether passengers or luggage need special tools to enhance the traveling experience. If so, how much do they cost. These little asks here and there will enable you compare the various land cruiser rental rates and then choose the best that would suit your budget.

  1. Find out the insurance policy

Most reputable car rental companies in Uganda have insurance cover for their 4×4 land cruisers. It is normally a comprehensive one including third party, theft and collision damage.

Get to know if the insurance can keep you less liable of the damages and other unforeseen issues that may happen on the car. you can add your own insurance if you feel the car rental insurance tendered by the company is not enough.

  1. Check the vehicle thoroughly.

Vehicle inspection in very important, irrespective of the kind of land cruiser you want to hire, you advised to check it for interior and exterior damages as well as its mechanical condition before signing the contract. When you get to find any damage, ensure to write it down in the contract. Perhaps, you should take pictures of the car and do a video recording to act as evidence. This will enable you evade any claims from the operator of damaging their car when returned from the trip.

  1. Don’t be late

Ensure to return the land cruiser rental in time. There is a penalty or fine slapped in case the car is returned later than the agreed date or time. Normally, they will make you pay for an extra day even if you are late by one hour.  This can greatly affect especially when you are traveling on a tight budget.

So the tips above can enable you hire the right land cruiser in Uganda. Additionally, they will help you save some money which can be used on other trip expenses.


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