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A Brief Guide to Self Drive Uganda

Under normal circumstances, taking a private road trip experience is just the right way to write history and have memories that last by yourself, by that case choose to self drive in Uganda and you explore Uganda with no pressure. There are a number of benefits associated with self-driving vacation. In this case, many travelers have opted to hire well maintained cars to drive the pearl of Africa on their own.

A self-driving trip in a foreign land is a bit overwhelming as everything appears fresh at your sight. Though information has helped pre-equipping in understanding destinations, but lacking the first hand information is undoubted challenge.

Well, with greater travel expectations, we bring you some of the helpful information that one must have when planning to drive in Uganda. Just keep in mind that deciding to self drive  in Uganda  is very possible.

Rent the 4×4 customized vehicles for self-driving with all the car complements as your trip may demand.

Reserving a car rental for self-drive    

The maiden task when planning a self-driving vacation particularly in Uganda is which the best car to cruise with. There may be a wider range of car rentals, but studying the purpose and getting a suitable car is great reward.

The process of hiring a car for self-drive is much softened in Uganda. There are various car rental agencies that almost offer the same rental services.

Preferably, many of the travelers use websites to book their self-drive rental in Uganda. After reading an article like you’re doing, then clicks here to book.

Others use the analog style of to the office, this may work but risky with spaces of not finding car ready. Always book prior to your vacation date, this enables to find a suitable rental. This is the easiest way of reserving a car rental in Uganda.

Check the fleet and make a choice for self-drive safaris in Uganda

When opting for a self-drive holiday in the Pearl of Africa, there are several car selections to use. The car selection comes with the kind of affordability, class, and mode of comfort one would wish as well the kind of the trip.

Most of the car rental companies, avail safari customized rentals which can drive to all terrain in the country.

For economy class there is a 4×4 Rav4, Toyota Land cruiser TZ/TX, safari van. These fleets can accommodate from 1 to the maximum of 5 passengers at the most affordable rates. Then also must know that only customized rentals from car rental agencies are fit to cruise you through.

The 4×4 land cruiser VX, GX, Nissan Patrol and Land Rover are perfect selection for mid-range rentals. It accommodates about 5 passengers driving comfortably and cruising all the landscapes through the country.

The 4×4 land cruiser V8 and safari land cruiser/ land cruiser 70 series. These are luxurious rentals which can cruiser with extreme treatment of comfort. The land safari land cruiser are customized to do African game drives with pop-up roof and others are stretched vehicles that can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

Consider a 4WD Car on self-drive with a camping gear.

The 4×4 rentals customized for safaris are multipurpose.  Hire a car with camping gears if your dream is to go for a camping trip. For camping safaris there is either a ground or rooftop camping which is possible for only customized rental. When hire a car with camping supplement, it comes with all camping gears.

Electric fridge; this can be accompanied on any rental, it can be a car rental with or without camping gears. In the same way, you can rent a car without camping tent but with an electric fridge. Travel maps, and hiring GPS for path location.

And you can as well hire a self-drive car with a pop-up roof  for game viewing in the wilderness . The idea is perfect especially when opting to drive to for a scenic game drive to watch several wildlife especially particularly in Savannah Parks.

Mind the best Self Driving Time

The perfect weather that blowout across boundaries stature Uganda a destination to drive in all year around. Uganda’s weather restricts dangerous earth shakers, disastrous rainy and wind, snow and unstopping rainy. Thunders, lightening and earthquake are not severe.

Uganda experiences a moderate climate that doubles to rainy and sunny weather conditions. With a 4×4 car hit the road and drive to your preferred destination anytime of the year.

However, should notice that Uganda’s roads to almost all top destinations are unpaved roads. In times of rain, roads tend to be slippery, with potholes, and in dry weathers the unpaved roads can be filled with gravels, stony and very dusty.

When opting for a self-driving, then must ensure to have a stronger 4×4 cruiser that can maneuver all weathers. The 4×4 car rental for self-drives especially for safaris are customized, this enables the unlimited drive.

The sunny/dry months in Uganda start from December to February and returns from June to August. And the rainy/wet months as well start from March to May, then returns from September to November.

Should know that due to the global climate change patterns, these weather conditions are not consistent like before. The dry weather can persist for months beyond expected, and as well rainy seasons mimic the same.

Sometimes it rains beyond measures, when intending to drive when it’s raining, it’s a sounding idea to wait until it’s no more and continue with your journey. The heavy rain sometimes reigns away bridges in the countryside and cause floods to urban areas and sloping places.

It’s a perfect idea to notice the weather period you’re planning to take your self-drive vacation. But it remains safe to drive through the year in Uganda.

Select your self-driving routes Uganda  

For safari purposes, Uganda has mainly four safari circuit routes. All safaris in Uganda take these routes, and can even turn to be a single of summarized routes. The four driving routes leads to all the top tourist destinations in Uganda. Though we are discussing majorly most famous tourist destinations, but there are several en-route considerations to encounter on the same routes.

And these routes are;

Northeastern Route

It starts from Kampala to Jinja and experience the source of the Nile offers. The continues eastwards to Mbale with the major being Mt. Elgon National Park and it’s accompaniments the like Sipi Falls, Cultural routes, and Nyero rock painting as the majors.

Then can take you to incredible and isolated Pian-Upe Game Reserve on of the wild rewarding reserve in Uganda, and its accompaniment Bokora-Matheniko Game Reserve. The route continue to Uganda’s remotest tourist destination and very rewarding, and also adds to Murchison Falls National Park to Kampala or can continue to the western region.

Northwestern Route

This driving route starts in Kampala and roll to Murchison Falls National Park. One of the most rewarding route that can cover at least 70% of the parks in Uganda.

Then through the northwestern can as well cover parks like Kibale National Park, Semuliki, Rwenzori, and Queen Elizabeth National Park. However, taking this driving route can continue exposing other major tourist destinations of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Lake Mburo National Park.

Western Route

The western route still embarks from Kampala, then drive to western Uganda with the reaching city being Fort Portal. The major destinations here include Kabale National Park, Semuliki National Park, Mt Rwenzori NP, and Queen Elizabeth NP.

Though the western driving route is always combined with the southwestern route to include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Lake Mburo National Park.

Southwestern Route

Like the northwestern route, the southwestern is another amazing route and one of the most rewarding. The tourist destinations on this route are fronted with Lake Mburo National Park, continues to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Not like other routes, the returning route reconnects to the first route in Mbarara city when considered taking this amazing route.

Top things to do when self-driving in Uganda

Game drives  

Uganda’s major adventure activity done in all savannah parks and reserves. Game drives always rewards with the major sights of the safari. On the game driving through the savannah woods expect to encounter some of the Big Five to encounter some of the Big Five Games in every park.

Several wildlife species and other many activities can be done to complement on the game drive. Game drives are done in all the savannah parks of Uganda.

Gorilla trekking

Africa’s highlight of the rest of the adventures on the continent. The activity is limited to only Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo which host the endemic forests for these IUNC recorded endangered species. Gorilla trekking is an amazing adventure where trekkers roll into the thick impenetrable jungle and start searching for the gorillas.

Uganda has two gorilla trekking parks of Bwindi Impenetrable NP and Mghainga Gorilla NP. All gorillas ready for trekking are fully habituated for a close up encounter moment. It’s well recorded that Uganda’s two parks accommodate over half of the gorillas in the world’s wild.

Chimpanzee tracking

Uganda offers the best chimpanzee tracking experience. There are about 5000 chimpanzees in different tropical forests in Uganda. Kibale National Park is the major chimpanzee tracking forest in East African region. Chimpanzees here are fully habituated for such a close-up encounter which is very rare to the rest of the chimpanzee tracking destinations on the continent. Other places to track chimpanzees in Uganda include Kyambura gorge, and Budongo forest.

Cultural visits

Uganda is another well ethnic blessed nation, there are over 50 ethnic groups that have varying history, and practices. Some of these people have displayed their cultural practices to the world, and tourist wishing can explore more. Almost driving to all these tourist destinations, there are demonstration cultural communities to display all about their culture. Driving to such places is adding a stone to the welfare and development of such people.


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